About Us


It means never to get out-hustled. And while a number of great authors have cited sports as a metaphor for society, we understand your “field of play," no matter what the endeavor, to hold one truth: That passion, hard work, determination, and perseverance always win.

BTYF is the act of conquering one’s own perceived limitations - physical or otherwise - with a never-give-up attitude. A basketball player pushing through a five-minute overtime after giving his or her all for 48 minutes; a student hitting the books that extra hour for an exam they’ve prepared for just to ensure perfection, or a musician burning the late night oil in the recording studio just to hit that right note.
Many successful people share one common credo: Don’t chase the money. Chase your passion—and the money will follow. BTYF embodies the idea that passion is everything. Whether you’re a professional athlete, teacher, artist or firefighter, life’s professions have one common theme: Passion drives excellence.
Bravado: With great risk comes great reward. The things that frighten us the most are often also the things that give us the greatest sense of accomplishment once we overcome them.
Attitude: One thing all successful people share is a winning attitude. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else is going to.
Luxury: Projecting success gives you a mental edge over your competitor. Luxury is a state of mind often accompanied by confidence.
Longevity: Excellence is a habit. Like any fad diet, you will fail if you rely on a short-term plan instead of lifestyle adjustments. BTYF is longevity because neither class or classic ever go out of style.
Whether you look at life as a game or a battlefield, preparation is imperative. BTYF embodies the idea that excellence is more than a flash in the pan and that greatness comes from sacrifice.